Sunday, July 22, 2012

Android application development

For a while now I have thought about getting into mobile development but never had the time or opportunity to do so. Few weeks ago I finally got to setting up my development environment for Android development but quickly hit a wall. But beyond setting up the environment, running sample applications and going through API demos there wasn't much else to do. Needlessly to say I had no idea at hand to start working on my first app.

A few searches lead me over to the androidforums and I found the app requests forums over there. Quite a few ideas out there if people are interested getting in to. After going through a few of the threads out there, I finally decided to create an EMS Live Wallpaper, based on the idea by aust10n. I figured a wallpaper would be the easiest app to create as it does not involve a lot of moving parts but at the same time provides enough insight into the Android API.

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